Transparency and Governance

Health First Europe is committed to the highest level of transparency regarding its governance, financial support and activities at the EU level. Outlined below is the funding received for the most recent calendar year, the activities which the funding supports and also the governance of our organisation.


Health First Europe is governed through an Annual General Meeting of all organisational and individual members (see full list here) in addition to the Executive Committee (see list here).  The Executive Committee is responsible for approving all decisions related to the ongoing activities of Health First Europe.The governance structure provides one vote to every member ensuring that all members are equal and have equal input into the annual development of the work programme and the overall goals and strategy of the organisation.

HFE Statutes

Health First Europe has been registered as a non-profit international organisation under Belgian law since 2004. To read a non-official translation of the Health First Europe statutes governing the organisation, please click here.


As reported in the European Transparency Register (view here). In 2018, Health First Europe received independent and unrestricted grants from the following companies:

  • MedTech Europe: (Membership fee) to support the Secretariat
  • Becton Dickinson & Company & Johnson & Johnson: to support our work on patient safety and antimicrobial resistance
  • Fonds Européen de Développement Régional (FEDER): for partnering in the My City-Lab project

Health First Europe is not a lobbying organisation and does not use the financial contributions to directly influence any legislation.


Health First Europe dedicates it financial support to raising awareness on a variety of issues through events in the European Parliament, publications, position papers, consultation responses and outreach. Past activities have included engagement on issues such as needle-stick injuries for healthcare workers, patient safety and healthcare-associated infections, women’s health, health inequalities, eHealth, health technology assessment, chronic disease management and innovation.

The budget of Health First Europe supports the work programme focusing on the themes of patient safety, integrated care, education and training, secondary prevention and innovation in health.

For further information about Health First Europe’s governance, funding and activities please contact the Secretariat at