PUBLICATION: HFE Recommendations on tackling AMR and HAIs to improve patient safety

AMR is a growing global threat and a significant societal and economic challenge. The cost of inaction is projected to result in 10 million deaths globally per year and a cumulative loss of over EUR 88 trillion to the world economy by 2050. To tackle this global threat the Co-chairs of the EP Interest Group on innovation in health and social care called on the European Commission to recognise the link between Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) and AMR in order to ensure safer care for patients. 

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PUBLICATION: Recommendations on Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is an important tool in the healthcare decision making process. With ageing populations and an increasing burden due to chronic diseases, it is inevitable that Member States face some difficult decisions about the extent of expenditure for healthcare and how healthcare is composed. In its recommendations, HFE stressed the need to a more inclusive and transparent process, e.g. increasing stakeholder involvement as well as reporting by HTA authorities to a central online repository so that a real-time map of approved medical products are available to all EU citizens.

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PUBLICATION: Health First Europe calls on the EU Institutions to Champion Patient Safety

As the European Commission undertakes its review of the Council Recommendations on patient safety including the prevention of healthcare associated infections, Health First Europe believes that it is imperative that the European Union institutions support Member States implement minimum standards for patient safety, set improvement targets and develop a European strategy to prevent healthcare associated infections so that there is direct and consistent emphasis placed on patient safety in healthcare institutions throughout the Member States of the EU.

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PUBLICATION: Recommendations on Patient Safety including the Prevention and Control of Healthcare-Associated Infections

HFE calls upon the European Commission, Member States and the European Parliament to champion patient safety by strengthening the Council Recommendations of 2009 on patient safety including the prevention and control of HCAIs. With a legal basis for patient safety provisions adopted in the Patients’ Rights in Cross-border healthcare Directive, it is imperative that additional measures are taken to ensure the lowest risk to patients throughout the 27 Member States of the European Union.

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PUBLICATION: HFE Recommendations on Healthcare-Associated Infections

HFE presented its recommendations to deal with Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) to encourage the European Commission and Member States to urgently adopt an effective strategy encompassing appropriate measures to significantly reduce this burden across Europe. Early detection during healthcare interventions – for example, through rapid pre-admission screening and ongoing surveillance – is a major element of effective infection control. Equally, effective HCAI prevention can reduce costs to national healthcare budgets as prevention is frequently more cost-efficient than remedy.

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