PUBLICATION: Profiling the European Health Workforce of Tomorrow

In February 2019 HFE decided to bring together a broad range of health stakeholders, from health care managers to medical students, to launch an inclusive debate to shape the profile of the health worker of the future. The discussion aimed at outlining the core competences required in the emerging models of care, gaps in the current workforce educational and profession pathways, and highlight the policy changes necessary to support health workers in the transformation of care.

The result of this exercise is a paper which serves as a starting point for future discussions and actions covering:

  1. The current challenges faced by EU member states’ health systems
  2. The core competences required for the health care workforce of the future
  3. The policy recommendations addressed to the European policymakers

Reforming and investing in the health workers’ education and core competences is critical to deliver a high quality of care and sustainability of European health care systems. Only by working together, European policymakers and EU countries can develop a common profile for the health care worker of the future, equipped with the necessary skills to transform health care for better patient and workforce outcomes.

Please follow and share the debate at #EUworkforce4care

Paper: HFE members’ reflections on digital health

HFE members’ reflections on digital health

HFE has released its paper on digital health, collecting members’ reflections on digitalisation of care, the opportunities existing technologies can offer and the barriers to overcome for their implementation. Specifically, the document reflects the vision of HFE members:

  • Main priority areas for EU actions on digital health
  • Existing digital solutions & data sharing practices to be implemented across Europe
  • Benefits of digital health & health data sharing
  • Barriers for the uptake of digital solutions
  • Our recommendations to national and EU policymakers

The paper has been released together with the video campaign #Digital4Care – you might find here the video interviews with our members.

Please, download the paper below and enjoy the read!

PUBLICATION: Policy Paper on the future of health: “2050 a Health Odyssey”

What will healthcare delivery look like in 2050? Do we stand on the edge of a new revolution in healthcare treatment? How will we as patients consume healthcare in the modern age? The aim of this paper is to encourage reflection and dialogue on the future of healthcare in Europe and to stimulate the debate on what can be done between now and the year 2050. The 16 articles included in the paper provide a fresh perspective on a variety of healthcare issues from a variety of healthcare experts, but do not constitute an official HFE position per se.

Link to download the policy paper below.