HFE launched its new report on patient safety! This report summarises the main takeaways from a virtual roundtable discussion on patient safety best practices which took place digitally on 8 September 2020. The event brought together healthcare authorities, academics, patients, healthcare providers and workers as well as EU policy-makers and focused on patient safety success stories from across Europe’s regions and local governments.

The case studies presented in the report are:

  • Case study 1: Hygiene in healthcare settings

  • Case study 2: Information technologies and medication safety

  • Case study 3: Reporting systems in EU private hospitals

The aim of this report is not to present a comprehensive catalogue of all possible improvements in the European healthcare system but rather to illustrate the huge potential of innovation and the promotion of best practices for improving the quality of care to the benefit of both patients and society as a whole. A truly comprehensive approach towards improving patient safety would need to encompass a wider range of issues.