On 7 February 2023, the European Network for Safer Healthcare, an initiative of Health First Europe, published a new report entitled: Strengthening Healthcare Systems Through Better Patient Safety in the Fight Against Cancer: A Call for Stronger EU Action. 

The comprehensive 40-page white paper outlines the importance of patient safety measures and how they are missing from Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (EBCP).

Patient safety in oncology should remain a standard indicator of the quality of care and a critical objective on the EU health policy agenda as all European citizens deserve the same level of safeguarding and protection at all stages of their healthcare. Patient safety is also a critical indicator of life overall, as any patient safety issue, reversible or irreversible, potentially affects the quality of life. This report calls on European policy makers and national health authorities to update the Council conclusions on patient safety and quality of care, which have not been updated since 2014.

The contents of this report in addition to key recommendations have been made in contribution with partner organisations of the ENSH provided professional reference material, insight on the topic and expert revision and guidance on the copy.

Click here to read the ENSH White Paper on patient safety.