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Our Joint Call on Patient Safety and HAI Prevention and Control is out! 

A Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) is an infection occurring in a patient during the process of care in a hospital or in another healthcare facility which was not present or incubating at the time of admission. HAIs can affect patients in any type of health care setting in both hospital and long-term care facilities while receiving care, and can also appear after discharge, thus increasing the risk of spreading the infection within the community.

Following the Council Conclusions on the next steps towards making the EU a best practice region in combatting antimicrobial resistance and the resulting engagement of the EU institutions and Member States, we call on the European Commission to adopt a broad and coherent pan-European Infection Management Strategy addressing the health, social, economic and environment determinants, which influences infection diseases and considers the intrinsic links between antimicrobial resistance, prevention of HAIs and sepsis.