Health First Europe believes in building coalitions and good working relations with European organisations who share common goals and vision for the future of health in Europe.

Patient organisations, academia, healthcare professionals, policymakers, social care workers and industry should not work in silos but collaborate for building effective and safe healthcare systems.

Here is an overview of Health First Europe’s partnerships and collaborations:    

  • European Network for Safer Healthcare

In order to ensure that patient and healthcare workforce safety remains in the limelight of the EU policy agenda, HFE has created the European Network for Safer Healthcare. It is an informal network of experts and associations firmly resolved to be a constructive, vigilant and responsive 3rd party supporting European and national initiatives aimed at promoting best practices in patient safety in the EU.

  • AMR Stakeholder Network

Together with over 80 leading European organisations and experts, Health First Europe is part of the AMR Stakeholder Network, committed to tackling Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) at national, regional and European level, covering all dimensions of the EU ‘One Health’ approach. Together we call for immediate action and commitment from EU and national policymakers to tackle the AMR public health crisis.

  • EU Joint Action on AMR and Healthcare-Associated Infections (EU-JAMRAI)

Health First Europe is a proud member of the EU-JAMRAI which brings together 44 partners from 28 countries and more than 30 stakeholders. EU-JAMRAI’s mission is fostering synergies among EU Member States developing and implementing effective One Health policies to fight the rising threat of AMR and reduce HAIs.

  • European Union Health Policy Platform

Together with a number of healthcare stakeholders, Health First Europe is member of the European Union Health Policy Platform, a collaborative platform that makes it easy for European Commission services, health-related interest groups and stakeholders to communicate with each other.

  • European Commission’s Thematic Network on Health Care Workforce of the Future

Jointly with EHMA, Health First Europe is currently coordinating the thematic network dedicated to “Profiling and training the healthcare workers of the future”. The goal of our thematic network is to support the European Commission and the EU Members States in profiling the healthcare workers’ needs for the future of care. It seeks to identify and improve their core competencies and highlight their critical role in the debate about health system reforms, digitalisation and new models of care.

  • European Commission’s eHealth Stakeholder Network

Since 2019, Health First Europe is a member of the European Commission’s eHealth Stakeholder Network. The primary purpose of the Group is to provide advice and expertise, contributing to policy development and the implementation of the Communication on enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market.

  • European Health Forum Gastein

Since 2019, Health First Europe has established a strong collaboration with the European Health Forum Gastein, actively participating in their conferences, organising a workshop in the framework of the Forum and building synergies with the Young Gastein Forum.

  • Close collaboration with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Our close involvement with the ECDC includes steady support to the ECDC campaign for the European Antibiotic Awareness Day #keepantibioticsworking and regular engagement through webinars and roundtable events at the European Parliament.

  • DISH project and the European Reference Group webinar 

In September 2020, Health First Europe jointed the European Reference Group of the DISH Project, a platform seeking to transfer and upscale the DISH project’s solutions for boosting the capacity of healthcare to bridge the digital skills gap in a sustainable and long-term manner.