An Interest Group Promoting innovation to bridge the gap between health and social care

Since 2014, HFE run the Secretariat of the European Parliamentary Interest Group on Innovation in Health and Social (8th & 9th parliamentary terms). The primary aim of the Interest Group on Innovation in Health and Social Care was to improve patient access to innovation in health and social care by influencing EU policy.

The Interest Group’s Co-Chairs are:

The Interest Group’s principal objectives included:

  • Ensure public health is a European Parliament priority
  • Ensure innovation is prioritised on the EU health and social care agenda
  • Raise awareness of patient-centric solutions for sustainable, accessible and resilient health systems
  • Stress the need for urgent actions
  • Foster concrete actions for change
  • Seek broad support from MEPs for implementing innovative solutions for patients and healthcare professionals
  • Maintain regular contact with MEPs and provide them with up-to-date and accurate information on innovation in health and social care

The Policy Objectives included:

  1. Research: Encourage EU research activities to include formal study on how to value innovation for patients by looking at patient needs and demands
  2.  Health promotion: Prioritise the implementation of innovations that support health promotion for citizens, including initiatives that encourage health literacy, prevention, early diagnosis and personalised screening and treatment to support well-being
  3. Public HealthGain recognition of community care as an EU public health priority and support cross-sectoral policies/initiatives that promote patient-centric care, innovation and value, access and reimbursement, care and treatment, and quality care and standards in community settings.

Here below the list meetings of the European Parliament’s Interest Group on Innovation in Health & Social Care (8th and 9th parliamentary terms – 2014/2019 and 2019/2024)