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Despite the progress in understanding and treatment of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), the number of Europeans living with the condition continues to rise, causing unacceptably high numbers of premature deaths, equivalent to three jumbo jets crashing every single day. Today, 61 million people live with diabetes in Europe and this figure is expected to reach 66 million by 2030, with T2D accounting for about 90% of diabetes cases.

To raise awareness of the urgent need to adopt recent evidence-based recommendations in the management of T2D, IDF Europe is launching a new publication: “Type 2 Diabetes: a preventable catastrophe?”.

We invite you to join our panel of representatives from academia, healthcare professionals, people living with T2D, industry and policy makers to discuss why we urgently need to re-design our healthcare systems across Europe and remove the barriers that are preventing early and tight management of T2D and its associated risk factors.


Please click on the following link to find the full programme of the event and the registration link: