On 1 July 2011, Poland will assume the European Council Presidency of the EU with the aim to foster faster economic growth in the EU and strengthen the European political community. To achieve these objectives, the Polish Presidency will focus on three fundamental priorities: European integration as the source of growth, Secure Europe and Europe benefiting from openness.

In terms of its’ priorities for health, the Polish presidency will focus increased attention to children’s healthcare, particularly in the areas of children’s non-communicable diseases and childhood communication problems regarding hearing, sight and speech.  Poland will also aim to tackle issues of brain degenerative diseases and health gaps between EU countries.  Additionally, the Polish Presidency intends to be quite active with regards to ongoing EU initiatives, notably the Information to Patients dossier and the Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

With the conclusion of the Hungarian Presidency, Poland will also begin a new trio of presidencies to be followed by Denmark and Cyprus.  The trio of presidencies will together be focusing on innovation, ageing, and diseases without borders, as part of their health priorities for the next 18 months.