EDITORIAL: Refining the profile of the health workers of the future: the feedback of the European Medical Association members

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The European Medical Association shared its view on the Health First Europe paper to profile of the health workers of the future, with a focus on the value evidence-based-medicine and of innovative big-data management.

NEWS: Health First Europe welcomes EAASM as new member!

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HFE is delighted to welcome the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines as a new member!

NEWS: Health First Europe welcomes new MEPs supporters

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Health First Europe is delighted to welcome Biljana Borzan, Dolors Montserrat, Tomislav Sokol, Tudor Ciuhodaru and Bartosz Arłukowicz as new MEP Supporters.

NEWS: Read our Joint Call on Patient Safety and HAI Prevention and Control

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We call on the European Commission to adopt a broad and coherent pan-European Infection Management Strategy addressing the health, social, economic and environment determinants, which influences infection diseases and considers the intrinsic links between antimicrobial resistance, prevention of HAIs and sepsis.

EVENT SUMMARY: A Health Care Workforce for the Digital Age

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On 5 November 2019, policymakers and health representatives met in the premises of the European Parliament to debate the role of the workforce of the future in making health care systems more efficient and financially sustainable in delivering care.

EDITORIAL: The challenges of digital health approaches for the 2020-2030 European health professionals

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This article is the preliminary draft of the contribution to the forthcoming meeting “A Health Care Workforce for the Digital Age” to be held the 5th November 2019 in the European Parliament (Brussels, room ASP 5G 305) from 12:00 to 14:00

NEWS: World patient safety day – the Tuscany region at the forefront of quality of care

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In the frame of the campaign for the Declaration for Patient Safety, Health First Europe collaborated with the Centre for Clinical Risk Management and Patient Safety of the Tuscan Region to publish an article about best practices on safety and quality of care at regional level. 

EVENT SUMMARY: EU health stakeholders at the Gastein Forum call for a strong political commitment for safer care to tackle HAIs and AMR

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On 2nd October 2019, Health First Europe organised the “Data for safer care” workshop at the European Health Forum Gastein to explore the disruptive role of data in shaping effective patient safety strategies and develop effective healthcare-associated infections’ (HAIs) surveillance systems.

EVENT SUMMARY: ENSH Roundtable debate – Time to Act: #STOPSEPSISEU

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The 3nd roundtable debate of the European Network for Safer Healthcare was organised by Health First Europe in the European Parliament on 25 September 2019, with the support of MEP Simona Bonafe (EPP, Portugal) and MEP Lieve Wierinck (ALDE, Belgium),.

EDITORIAL: Sepsis, educational and best practice frontiers

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Sepsis is a clinical syndrome with a distinctive response of the body’s defenses to life-threatening infections. This may result in organ dysfunction or failure (severe sepsis). Sepsis is strongly related with all the body organs or systemic diseases and to the quality of the best-practice in use, particularly critical  in surgical or  intervention techniques.

EVENT SUMMARY: My City-Lab Talk Series – Tackling Heart Failure in Europe: Accessing Innovation & Fostering Integrated Care

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The City-Labs Talk Series meeting “Tackling Heart Failure in Europe: Accessing Innovation & Fostering Integrated Care” took place on September 11th, 2019. The aim was to discuss how to improve care to tackle the burden of heart failure, from diagnosis and prevention to reduction of risk of death throughout integrated care models and solutions.

NEWS: Health First Europe and the Spanish Patients’ Forum call the Spanish Minister to act on Patient Safety

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On the World Patient Safety Day, Health First Europe and the Spanish Patients’ Forum join hands to call the Spanish minister to act to foster patient safety. 

NEWS: Health First Europe welcomes EAASM as new member!


HFE is delighted to welcome the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines as new members.

EDITORIAL: Green is the new Black: embracing sustainable health

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We are exceeding the Earth’s capacity, reaching the limits of growth on a finite planet. Healthcare is part of the problem and must become part of the solution.

NEWS: Our Wish Campaign for the future of health in Europe

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Health First Europe members’ have complied a series of wishes for the future of European health care to be presented to the members of the EU Parliament.

EDITORIAL: Preventing hospital associated venous thromboembolism

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The European Thrombosis and Haemostasis Alliance (ETHA) is an association of 22 national European thrombosis and haemostasis associations representing medical professionals in the field of clotting and bleeding disorders.