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Throughout the week of 5-9 January 2009, Health First Europe (HFE) is holding an exhibition in the European Parliament, in Brussels, under the patronage of MEP Elizabeth Lynne, with the aim of raising awareness on the quality and safety of patients and health care workers in Europe.

MEP Lynne stressed that “Health First Europe is a hugely important organisation doing fantastic work in helping represent the opinions and needs of patients, healthcare professionals and medical academics and experts from across the European Union (…) I am very pleased to be sponsoring their exhibition and I hope that it will have a significant impact in helping raise awareness of the good work they do and of the important issues affecting healthcare in Europe”.

“While healthcare is not a direct competence of the EU, nor in my opinions should it be, it is crucial that all EU Member States continue to work together to improve healthcare in every European country and I hope that Health First Europe will continue to play a pivotal role in helping the EU in this endeavour”, she said.