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Piernicola Pedicini is an Italian national and has been representing Movimento 5 Stelle (EFDD) in the European Parliament since 2014. He studied physics and subsequently medicine at the University of Naples where he qualified as a radiation protection expert.

Before joining the European Parliament, MEP Pedicini worked as researcher, health physicist and health executive at various public institutions in Italy.

In what concerns health care, MEP Pedicini is very engaged in matters related to antibiotics use and their potential threats to public health if misused. Mr Pedicini also argues that budget cuts jeopardise patients’ health and that health would always suffer under policies of austerity. For him, “the involvement of the pharmaceuticals industry in effective research into new antibiotics and new ways to tackle drug resistance” are essential.

His pre-political journey is thus one thoroughly embedded in sciences and healthcare related issues. We are therefore excited to welcome MEP Pedicini to the HFE team.