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14/15 January 2013 – Health First Europe continued its participation as a collaborating partner in the European Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care during the second coordination of the network in Berlin, Germany.  The second coordination meeting brought together all partners to discuss the tasks completed throughout the seven work packages during the first year of the project as well as to look forward and prepare for the next tasks ahead in 2013.

The Joint Action, which brings together 38 associated partners and 24 collaborating partners, aims to advance the Council Recommendations on patient safety including the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections (2009).  Launched last year in Copenhagen under the Danish Presidency of the EU, the European Commission funded project has advanced significantly in its first year.  The work packages, which include coordination, evaluation, dissemination, safe clinical practices exchange, safe clinical practices implementation, quality management systems implementation and network sustainability, will together provide substantial support to Member States for advancing various components of their patient safety strategies through knowledge sharing between participant countries and EU stakeholder organisations.

As a collaborating partner, HFE is supporting work packages on safe clinical practices exchange and implementation, in particular sharing its knowledge from the Task Force on Patient Safety which launched recommendations in 2012.  Health First Europe is eager to contribute to this project which will not only look to exchange a variety of safe clinical practices (those with demonstrated effectiveness and newer, more innovative approaches to patient safety) but will also implement and report on 3-5 safe clinical practices in 16 Member States across Europe.

HFE will continue to be involved in the project throughout its three year mandate and looks forward to the continued success and collaboration of so many dedicated partners.

For more information about the network, the objectives, partners and work packages, visit the dedicated website at: