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The Hungarian Presidency took over the rotating presidency of the European Union from Belgium on 1st January this year. In terms of health priorities, the Hungarian Presidency’s overarching theme will focus on “Patient and Professional Pathways in Europe”. Under this comprehensive umbrella, the Hungarian Presidency is aiming to give priority to, among other things, “Action for Prevention” by organising an expert level conference on 30-31 May 2011, that will provide a forum for presenting and exchanging views on best practices, concrete actions, awareness raising campaigns and materials in Member States, which have proved to be successful in promoting a healthier lifestyle, especially among children and young people.

Building on the achievement of the Belgian Presidency’s work in regards to healthcare workers, one of the current presidency’s themes focuses on “Investing in the Health Care of the Future and Human Resources for Health”. During an informal health ministerial meeting, the Hungarian Presidency aims to raise issues like how the necessary knowledge-base, stock of experts, increased co-operation, joint research, exchange of information and best practices could be established to support Member State governments in their efforts to modernise their health care systems. eHealth has also become an essential keyword in modernising healthcare services. In this vein, the Hungarian Presidency is keen to promote the role of e-Health in cross-border care, in relieving workforce shortages and in IT support in health policy decision making is organising a Ministeral level conference in Budapest on 10-13 May.

Injury prevention, mental health and health security are other key issues to be address during the Hungarian leadership.