New HFE Member, /

HFE is delighted to welcome the International Society for Neonatal Screening (ISNS) as a new member.

ISNS is recognized worldwide for its contributions to the detection of neonatal conditions and the prevention of outcomes through excellence in neonatal screening. ISNS has around 350 members in more than 70 different countries. Most members have a professional (para) medical background, but some are also involved in parents’ or patients’ organisations. The Society’s core mission is to enhance the quality of testing and medical services through dissemination of information, guidelines and best practices that benefit all family members and their babies by helping to ensure protection of babies from life-quality threatening conditions. For ISNS, this mission began in the early 1960s when the association became actively involved in the process of ensuring screening for phenylketonuria.

Given that neonatal screening is a discipline that interacts with many existing disciplines, such as clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, pediatrics, genetics and psychology, ISNS will work together with the other pan – European and international stakeholders in Health First Europe to ensure that patients have access to screening tests, medical professionals and patient information for the detection of neonatal conditions.

Health First Europe is excited to welcome ISNS as a member and looks forward to working together to advocate for patients.