New HFE Member, /

HFE is delighted to welcome the European Health Management Association (EHMA) and European Specialist Nurses Organisations (ESNO) as new members.

Founded in 1982, the EHMA is a non-profit organisation focused is on health management capacity and capabilities and on supporting the successful implementation of health policy and practice. EHMA aims at bringing together health managers, health professionals, policy makers, researchers and educators. The association provides an environment where evidence, challenge and experience are valued and complex debates on current topics take place. With a secretariat located in the heart of Europe, EHMA maximizes its impact by placing its membership of over 100 members in 30 countries at the heart of all that it does.

ESNO is a non-profit organisation, it promotes and contributes to the health and wellbeing of Europeans by facilitating and enabling the political voice of specialist nurses. Through collaboration with key stakeholders, the professional status and evidence based practice of nursing specialities are strengthened. ESNO aims to secure the recognition of specialist nursing in the EU and greater Europe. ESNO works for promoting, supporting and developing academically accredited training programs for qualified specialist nurses to address Quality and Safety of care and mobility of workforce within Europe.

Health First Europe is excited to welcome these two associations as members and looks forward to working together to advocate for patients and healthcare workforce!