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17/18 October 2013 – Continuing its work as a collaborating partner, Health First Europe attended the 3rd Coordination Meeting of the EU network on patient safety and quality of care in Paris, France. The meeting brought together partners of the project to update members on each of the seven work packages and discuss upcoming tasks and deliverables for 2013.

The network aims to help Member States implement the Council Recommendations on patient safety including the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections 2009, by bringing together representatives of all Member States as well as EU organisations.  The work packages aim to create a patient safety exchange mechanism, implement patient safety clinical practices, develop quality management systems and institute a sustainable EU network for patient safety.

Health First Europe has supported on the work packages dedicated to exchanging safe clinical practices and implementing safe clinical practices in 17 Member States. The network has already set up a wiki mechanism on the website to share events and webinars on a variety of safe clinical practices to encourage broader adoption in the EU. Additionally, more than 140 healthcare organisations throughout Europe have been recruited to implement one or more safe clinical practices.  The practices include the WHO surgical safety checklist, medication reconciliation, hand hygiene, and pediatric early warning scores.  As part of the project, the implementation process will be monitored and reported on so that information exists for healthcare organisations to share knowledge on best practices for implementation long after the completion of the project.

The next coordination meeting will take place in January 2014 with the project running until 2015.  For continuous information on dedicated events related to patient safety, and well as updates on each work package, please visit the PaSQ website at: