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Integrating mobile health data in
health service value chains


By Marc Lange, the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL)

The “Integrating mobile health data in health service value chains” virtual workshop is part of the Health Data Spaces and Ecosystems workstream and sets out to present two cases of mobile health data integration and discuss about the challenges faced by both approaches in terms of time to market, interoperabilityscale-up and business model.

The workshop’s objectives are to:

  • Explore different paths to integrate patient-generated data through mobile applications into health data ecosystems for improving clinical work and generate value.
  • Reflect on the organizational, technical and human challenges encountered by health organisations and mHealth apps developers and how they could be overcome to accelerate the uptake of mobile solutions and enrich health data ecosystems.

Presentations will focus on the perspectives of three stakeholders involved in the process:

  • the Health provider’s initiative of integrating mobile health data
  • the mHealth app developer initiative of exchanging and integrating mobile health data
  • the Health payer views on how to incentivise adoption of mHealth solutions

Presentations will be followed by a Q&A session.

Save the date: 29 April 2021 

Please see information regarding the event on EHTEL’s page.