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The handbook of multidisciplinary and integrated heart failure care


The Heart Failure Policy Network (HFPN), a member of Health First Europe, is an independent, multidisciplinary group aiming to drive policy change in heart failure (HF). HF is common but complex – it is the main cause of hospital admissions in people over 65 and the leading contributor to unplanned hospital readmissions. Unfortunately, European health systems are unprepared to address the HF challenge.

Timely diagnosis is the foundation of effective HF management. However, this is often where the problems start – there is a widespread difficulty in recognising symptoms, and HF is often confirmed only after severe damage to the heart.

In 2018, the HFPN published The handbook of multidisciplinary and integrated heart failure care. The handbook is an overview of the challenges that HF poses on individuals, health systems and societies in general, and includes a collection of innovative solutions to help address problems and improve care. It identifies five ‘pressure points’ along the care journey that present the greatest challenges and missed opportunities. By characterising problems and presenting examples of best practice, the handbook offers a starting point to facilitate policy discussions to improve HF care and support the sustainability of healthcare systems.

The HFPN handbook and independent briefs on pressure points are available for download here.










                     Ed Harding                                                                                       Sara Correia Marques, 

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