PRESS RELEASE: Health First Europe launches a trailblazing Insight Report on Better Screening and Secondary Prevention in Europe

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For World Patient Safety Day, Health First Europe (HFE) today published a comprehensive Insight Report entitled The Compelling Case for Better Screening and Patient Safety in Europe: The Example of Five Common Diseases on five disease areas that affect millions of European citizens each year and how the European Union could and should do a better job for its citizens. The report focuses on breast cancer, type 2 Diabetes, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), heart failure and severe combined immune deficiencies (SCID).


PRESS RELEASE: Launch of HFE Insight Report ”Identifying the gaps between evidence and practice in the prevention of surgical site infections”

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Health First Europe today launches a new Insight Report titled ”Identifying the gaps between evidence and practice in the prevention of surgical site infections”


PRESS RELEASE: HFE announces its new Honorary President, Mr Roberto Bertollini

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Health First Europe is delighted to announce the appointment of the new Honorary President, Mr Roberto Bertollini.


NEWS: Today HFE launched the White Paper on Rapid Diagnostic Technologies to tackle AMR

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Today the European Parliament Interest Group on Innovation in Health and Social Care called on the European Commission to boost funding and innovation to foster the uptake of rapid diagnostic technologies in the upcoming Action Plan.


NEWS: Leading advocates in health and social care call on Commissioners to do more on community care

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Today leading advocates for health and social care policy in Europe called on European Commissioners to develop a dedicated and holistic policy on community care. Eurocarers, European Forum for Primary Care, European Social Network and Health First Europe, together call European Commissioners for health and food safety and employment, social affairs and inclusion, to support Member States in their efforts to make person-centred community care a reality.

NEWS: Community care – centerpiece of health policies

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Brussels, 3 June 2015 – Today the Latvian Presidency in collaboration with Health First Europe encourages supporting and investing in the development of policies to improve care for patients specifically in community settings. Launching the “Declaration […]


PRESS RELEASE: Health First Europe launches European Parliamentary Interest Group on Innovation in Health and Social Care

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Health First Europe today announces the launch of a new Parliamentary Interest Group to facilitate greater focus on improving patient access to innovation in health and social care.


PRESS RELEASE: EU should support patients to become managers of their own health

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To empower citizens to manage their own health, every European citizen should have access to a personalised health management plan including information on prevention and screening.

PRESS RELEASE: Health First Europe calls for EU leadership on Community Care

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Aiming to meet the enormous challenges faced by health systems across Europe, Health First Europe today launched its’ Model for Community Care.

PRESS RELEASE: Ensuring safety of medical devices must not unnecessarily limit patient access to life-saving technologies

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Health First Europe considers that safety, transparency and access should form the basis of the new legislation on medical devices, but believes that the legislation in its current form would negatively impact the accessibility for patients to life-saving medical technologies.


PRESS RELEASE: Stakeholder involvement and transparency keys to EU health technology assessment

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Health First Europe today launches its pocket card recommendations on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in order to ensure increased knowledge at EU level about HTA and its use as a tool to provide patient access to new, advanced health technologies.


PRESS RELEASE: Continuity of Care – Press Release European Federation of Nurses (EFN)

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The Patients’ Rights in Cross-border Healthcare EU Directive (2011/24/EU) calls on Member States to enhance cooperation between healthcare providers and institutions at all levels to ensure safe, high-quality and efficient cross-border healthcare.

PRESS RELEASE: John Bowis and Health First Europe unveil 5 key e-Health principles for policymakers

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Health First Europe (HFE) Honorary President John Bowis announced HFE’s key tenets for e-Health petitioning policymakers to adopt the policy recommendations in order to foster increased access to medical technologies for patients.

PRESS RELEASE: Health First Europe demands concrete actions for rapid uptake of eHealth

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Health First Europe released yesterday its publication entitled “E-Quality in E-Health” demanding action amongst policymakers and stakeholders to quickly advance patient access to e-Health technologies by setting concrete targets for Member States on the reimbursement of payments and the access to innovative technologies.


PRESS RELEASE: Chronic disease management demands EU leadership: Innovation the way forward

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The Belgian Presidency of the European Union and Health First Europe (HFE) have called for European leadership in the management of chronic diseases at a conference jointly organized in the European Parliament on 1 December entitled “Chronic Disease Management: Aim for an Innovative Cure.”