EDITORIAL: European AMR Patient Group Scales up Education and Outreach on Antimicrobial Resistance

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Patient safety is an essential metric when it comes to building resilient public healthcare systems both at the European and global level. It is also indispensable in the provision of health care in all settings including hospitals and long-term care facilities.

EDITORIAL: We need to talk about surgical site infections in Europe

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It has been a turbulent year for millions of Europeans with COVID-19 making health a priority not just politically, but in everyday life as well. Meanwhile, other health issues are quietly impacting the lives of Europeans and it’s time to address them head-on…by István Ujhelyi MEP (S&D/Hungary)


NEWS: Read HFE and Navarre (Spain) joint article on patient safety

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In the frame of the campaign for the Declaration for Patient Safety, Health First Europe collaborated with the Spanish region of Navarre to publish an article on the best practices for safety and quality of care at the regional level.


EDITORIAL: The challenges of digital health approaches for the 2020-2030 European health professionals

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This article is the preliminary draft of the contribution to the forthcoming meeting “A Health Care Workforce for the Digital Age” to be held the 5th November 2019 in the European Parliament (Brussels, room ASP 5G 305) from 12:00 to 14:00

EDITORIAL: Sepsis, educational and best practice frontiers

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Sepsis is a clinical syndrome with a distinctive response of the body’s defenses to life-threatening infections. This may result in organ dysfunction or failure (severe sepsis). Sepsis is strongly related with all the body organs or systemic diseases and to the quality of the best-practice in use, particularly critical  in surgical or  intervention techniques.

EDITORIAL: Green is the new Black: embracing sustainable health

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We are exceeding the Earth’s capacity, reaching the limits of growth on a finite planet. Healthcare is part of the problem and must become part of the solution.

EDITORIAL: Preventing hospital associated venous thromboembolism

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The European Thrombosis and Haemostasis Alliance (ETHA) is an association of 22 national European thrombosis and haemostasis associations representing medical professionals in the field of clotting and bleeding disorders.

EDITORIAL: MedTech Forum and MedTech Week events are kicking off!

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The MedTech Forum is one of the largest health and medical technology industry conferences in Europe. Next week in Paris, the 11th edition of the MedTech Forum will bring together CEOs, disruptors, hospital representatives, patients, policymakers and healthtech stakeholders to discuss the future opportunities in the medical technology sector.

EDITORIAL: Scaling up innovations to improve health care quality

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Health systems across the European Union are facing numerous challenges – from the ageing of the European population and sustainable financing of health care, to great variations and inequalities in clinical practice within and between countries, a necessary and rising emphasis on patient experience and patient-centredness within health systems…

EDITORIAL: Multidisciplinary and integrated heart failure care

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The Heart Failure Policy Network (HFPN), a member of Health First Europe, is an independent, multidisciplinary group aiming to drive policy change in heart failure (HF). Read here the editorial wrote by its Managing Director, Ed Harding  

EDITORIAL: What can we do to improve SCID?

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Severe Combined Immunodeficiencies or SCID is a devastating group of diseases by which babies are born without a functioning immune system. No immune system means that they can contract any infection or virus they are exposed to, without any means of defending themselves against them.


EDITORIAL: Lapse in transparency and access about patient safety information

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The latest data released from the ECDC estimates that about 33000 people die each year as a direct consequence of an infection due to bacteria resistant to antibiotics and that the burden of these infections is comparable to that of influenza, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS combined.

EDITORIAL: Health care professionals stand together to foster patient safety

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On the occasion of the International Patient Safety Day (17th September 2018), Health First Europe, ESNO – European Specialist Nurses Organisations, COTEC – Council of Occupational Therapists for European Countries and EUROFEDOP – European Federation of Public Service Employees, jointly call Ministers of Health to step up and agree on a high level of understanding on patient safety standards to drive their national policies into a common path. 

EDITORIAL: Committed to protect our health, starting from patient safety and integrated care

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Today, 7 June 2018, I am pleased and honoured to be appointed new Honorary President of Health First Europe, one of the EU’s leading stakeholders aiming at improving access for patients to treatment and innovation.


EDITORIAL: Time to make progress on patient safety in Europe

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Editorial by MEP Piernicola Pedicini: As Member of the European Parliament and medical physicist, I think it is time we make real progress on patient safety. The EU is at a standstill when it comes to taking forward actions called for by the Parliament and the Council. Now it is time for action.


EDITORIAL: Resisting unnecessary use of antibiotics

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Editorial by HFE President John Bowis: Anti-microbial resistance is a global health threat to health care systems’ ability to cope with infections effectively. A global report published by the WHO in 2014, revealed to the world that antibiotic resistance (the most common form of anti-microbial resistance) was putting all of us at risk and needed to be dealt with now.