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Active Citizenship Network (ACN) is pleased to invite you on March 14, 2023, from 14:30 to 17:00 to 2 new training seminars!

Implemented as part of two projects, “Improving health literacy for better public and patient involvement in mitigating COVID-19 pandemic using interactive and intuitive educational tools”  &  “Protecting the value of access to care during – and after – the COVID-19 pandemic across Europe: focus on antivirals”, the training sessions will be addressed to representatives of Civic and Patients’ Associations from across Europe. The events, which will be held in English, will provide a common set of up-to-date information, share experiences, identify lessons learned, and also obtain feedback from the associations.

There will be two separate sessions: 1) “Knowing and Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19” with these main topics:- Essential language and dangerous beliefs – Virus mutations, how they happen and what to expect – What should we expect (and not expect) from the anti-COVID-19 vaccine? – Antibiotic use in COVID-19, when is it appropriate? 2) “The value of access to care: focus on antivirals” on – Treatments and approved drugs: to whom and how? The role of antivirals – Complications of the disease, not only lungs. – Symptoms of “Long Covid,” how to identify it and what to do; Do vaccines have a role? –  Cancer prevention and screening: the great absentees in the pandemic.

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