20 November 2019
Organised by European Health Chamber
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Conference Results: Training Path for European Phlebologists

Wednesday 20 November 2019, 10:00 – 12:00
European Parliament
Kindly hosted by MEP Pietro Fiocchi (ECR, Italy)

The TRAPP Curriculum in Phlebology provides doctors with practical skills in order to offer better services to the community. The European Network created by the project defined the basic common phlebology criteria in Europe.

The Training Course

Includes modules in basic phlebological science, venous pathology, non-invasive imaging, sclerotherapy, compression therapy, surgical treatments in phlebology, thermal ablation, glue obliteration, invasive treatments for venous stenosis or thrombosis, treatment of venous ulcer, treatment of lymphedema, drug treatments and miscellaneous. For more information and details please consult the project website or contact

Keynote contributors

MEP PIETRO FIOCCHI – European Parliament
PAOLO GIORDANO – European Health Chamber
DANIELA RADU – Romanian Society of Phlebology
GIUSEPPE GENOVESE – Scientific Committee, European Register of Phlebologists