NEWS: EHTEL Briefing Paper “Sustainable Telemedicine: paradigms for future-proof healthcare”

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The European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) has published a briefing paper on “Sustainable Telemedicine: paradigms for future-proof healthcare”.


MEPs Lidia Joanna Geringer De Oedenberg, Iles Braghetto and Holger Krahmer bring their support to Health First Europe

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HFE is pleased to announce that further to HFE’s event in the European Parliament on Healthcare Associated Infections we have new MEPs supporting us.


NEWS: HFE response to the European Commission’s consultation on healthcare-associated infections

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On 20 January 2006, Health First Europe submitted its response to the European Commission’s consultation on healthcare related infections (HAIs)


NEWS: David Byrne has become a Patron of Health First Europe

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David Byrne served as European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection from 1999 to 2004.

EDITORIAL: HFE Statement on the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

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HFE welcomed the Commission’s points to: Increase co-operation between Member States to promote research excellence Augment investment in the EU budget allocated to health Use of open method of co-ordination as a mean to maximise […]

NEWS: Health First Europe organises exhibition on the latest innovative medical technology in the European Parliament

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Health First Europe, an alliance of patients, healthcare workers, academics, experts and industry which aims to ensure that equitable access to modern, innovative and reliable medical technology and healthcare is regarded as a vital investment in the future of Europe held an exhibition in the European Parliament in Brussels from 20-23 June 2005.


EDITORIAL: International Day of Disabled Persons – Health First Europe urges the EU to speed up integration for disabled people!

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For over a decade now, the 3rd of December, the “International Day of Disabled Persons” has served as a reminder of the challenges on the way towards full integration of persons with disabilities, in a political as well as social and economic context. The Day also offers an opportunity to consider progress in terms of political participation, socio-economic integration, access to treatments and assistive technologies as well as general awareness of disability issues.

NEWS: World AIDS day – Europe’s healthcare workers at risk

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HFE held a special event in the European Parliament to raise awareness amongst decision makers and the public about the risks of sharps’ injuries to healthcare workers and the risk of infection with HIV, Hepatitis or other fatal infections.

NEWS: Health First Europe warns of the impact of depression on Europe’s ability to attain the Lisbon goals – 1st European Day of Depression signals depression crisis in Europe

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Health First Europe, an alliance of patient groups, healthcare wofrkers, academics, experts and the medical technology industry, urges governments to put more emphasis on fighting depression. Commenting at the occasion of the first ever European […]

NEWS: On the eve of the HIV/AIDS conference in Vilnius – Health First Europe demands more action from the EU to protect healthcare workers from sharps’ injuries!

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More than 20 dangerous blood-borne pathogens are transmitted by contaminated needles including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and of course HIV. These injuries are preventable!

NEWS: Health First Europe calls for improved strategy to combat heart disease

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On the occasion of World Heart Day (26 September), the Health First Europe alliance of patient groups, health care professionals and medical technology innovators call for an improved strategy to combat the deadly disease.

NEWS: Europeans demand healthcare reform! Health coalition calls for Presidency action

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From 1 July the Netherlands will take the helm of the Presidency of the European Union for the next six months and a range of healthcare debates and events are planned.

NEWS: Health Council Conclusions on Patient Mobility – EU focus on patient mobility comes too late for many

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HFE welcomes the conclusions on patient mobility adopted in Luxembourg by European Union Health Ministers, but urges the EU to further focus on encouraging and simplifying patient access to modern, efficient, innovative and reliable medical technology and healthcare.

NEWS: The creation of a new alliance – Health First Europe

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The creation of a new alliance – Health First Europe – was announced today by organisations representing patients, healthcare workers, academics, experts and the medical technology industry.